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Have you just moved into a new home? And have you been told it needs an electrical rewire? The thought of rewiring your home is probably daunting to most people. You know it needs to be done but thinking about all the disruption is off putting.

electrical rewiring Edinburgh


We at Capital City Electrical totally understand that. That is why we go to great lengths to ensure that your home is rewired as quickly and with as less disruption as possible. We work fast and efficiently to minimise any inconvenience.

But what’s involved?

  • Firstly we strip out all the old wiring one circuit at a time.
  • We add in new cable to each circuit and pull it up to the intended electrical sockets and wall switches. For this we need to crawl under the floorboards if there is space. Otherwise, flooring needs to be pulled up (which we put back obviously).
  • We need to make a slot or a groove to install the new cables into walls. This is called “chasing” or “raggling” (in Scotland). Raggling is a very messy part of the job but we use a vacuum cleaner attached to the raggling machine which minimises any mess.
  • These raggles need to now be made good. So we get a professional plasterer in to plaster the walls which have been disrupted.
  • After this we install the new sockets and switches.
  • Then it is a full power test to make sure everything is safe.

Depending on the size, this kind of job can take up to 10 days. At no point would we leave an occupied house without power overnight. As well as using dust sheets everywhere, we tidy up our mess and vacuum every night leaving the house habitable. Read some of our testimonials to see what our customers thought of us after a rewiring job.

We are NICEIC approved electricians so you can be sure of a professional service. Get in touch now for a free no obligation quote.

By Steven Wright

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