7 Tips to Increase the Range of Your EV

Electric car and charger

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common on our roads. But one of the big worries for drivers is that they might run out of power on a journey.

Modern EVs can go further than ever on a single charge, but range anxiety is a real problem.

So how can you get more range from your EV?

Here are 7 things you can do to increase the range of your electric vehicle.

    1. Choose the Right Mode

EVs often have different modes, so learn about these and choose the right one.
For example, some will allow you to maximise the range, while others will maximise performance but reduce the range.

    1. Look After Your Battery

It also helps to look after your battery properly. Batteries don’t last forever, but you can get more out of your battery by caring for it properly.
One of the simplest ways to do this is to avoid parking your vehicle in the hot sun for long periods of time because higher temperatures are not great for batteries.

    1. Accelerate Slowly

Smooth acceleration will help to get more from your car. Accelerating gradually is more efficient and uses less power than slamming your foot down. This is one of the easiest ways to get more range from your EV.

    1. Carry Out Regular Maintenance

Electric vehicles don’t require as much maintenance in general compared to standard vehicles but you should still look after your vehicle.
Make sure the tires are inflated properly. If they are under-inflated, your car will use more energy. Also make sure you check the fluid levels and replace air filters when needed, which can all help to get more range from your battery.

    1. Lighten the Load

Avoid carrying things that you don’t need in your car. If you’ve got a heavy bag of equipment in the boot that you are constantly lugging around with you, this will have an impact on
Travel as lightly as possible and only carry what you need.

    1. Don’t Overuse the Heating System

Avoid using the heating system as much as possible because this will drain the battery sooner. If you have electric seats, use these instead because they are more efficient.
You might also want to heat your car while it is still plugged into the charging station to avoid using the battery.

    1. Drive Slower

Simply driving slower is an effective way to increase your range. If you’re not in a rush, slow down to avoid draining the battery faster.
Driving slower also makes it easier to put the brakes on more gently, helping to save even more energy.


Get More Range from Your EV

These are all tips you can use to get more miles out of your EV. But one of the best things you can do is to plan your journey carefully. Plan which route to take and how far the journey
is before you set out, and avoid areas of heavy traffic. And remember to plan where and when you will recharge your vehicle. If you don’t have an EV charger in your home yet, find out about our EV charger installation service. Then you can charge up overnight so you always have enough for the next day’s journey.

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