Home EV Charger Installation: Everything You Need to Know

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More people than ever are driving electric vehicles (EVs), and with charging points appearing all over the country, charging up has never been easier. But the best place to charge your EV is at home, and for this, you’ll need an EV charger. With the growing demand for home EV charger installation, here’s what you need to know.

Why You Need a Charger

A home EV charger is convenient and safe, and it also helps you to charge your car faster. A home charging point can be installed in under a day, so there is very little disruption involved.

You could use a standard 3-pin socket to charge your EV, but ideally that should only be used as a backup rather than your main charger. Dedicated charging points are faster and have safety features built-in.

Save Money on Installation with a Grant

You may be putting off installing an EV charger or getting an electric car in the first place because of the cost – it’s actually one of the reasons why people don’t buy electric cars. But there’s good news – you can currently get a grant to help towards the installation cost with the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS).

The grant is currently worth £350 (it used to be £500 but it was reduced in April 2020), so it’s well worth taking advantage of when arranging home EV charger installation.

However, there are two important details:

Installers that are accredited by OLEV (Office for Low Emissions) are given a unique EVHS Installer number. We are accredited, so you can access the grant via our service, and our number is EVHS3241.

Charging Speed

You can expect different charging speeds depending on the power of the EV charging unit you install. Typically, a home charging unit will provide 3.7kW or 7kW, which translates into between 15 and 30 miles for a single hour of charging.

A standard 3-pin plug will only provide 2.3kW, and that works out as less than 10 miles for an hour of charging – so there’s a big difference!

When to Charge Your Car

You will probably want to charge up your car overnight so it will be ready for the next day when you wake up. With a 3.7kW charger, you should have no problems fully charging your EV overnight. This has the added benefit of being even cheaper because you can take advantage of the less expensive night rate.

Install Your Home EV Charger

Now is a great time to sort out your home EV charger. Our team is trained and fully approved at Capital City Electrical Services and we provide a professional home EV charger installation service for our customers in Edinburgh and throughout the whole of Scotland. We are accredited by OZEV, so you can take advantage of the grant too. Contact us today to find out more.

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