Reasons to Install an Outdoor Electrical Socket

garden patio electrics

Summer has arrived in Scotland and we are all spending more time outside in our gardens and on our patios.  It’s all very pleasant until you decide you want some music or you want to cut the hedge with your electrical hedge trimmer.   Then you have to find your extension cable and a suitable plug in your house or garage.  This means leaving a door open or dangling unsightly cables through your window.  Wouldn’t it be much handier and safer to have an outdoor socket?  You can buy special outdoor sockets in your local DIY store but it is much safer, quicker, neater and relatively cheap to call in a qualified electrician.  Once completed, you will also receive an electrical safety certificate to prove that it has been installed in accordance with all safety rules and regulations.

garden patio electrics

8 Great Reasons to Install an Outdoor Socket

It’s amazing how many appliances and devices you use outdoors actually need electricity:

  • Gardening tools eg hedge trimmer, lawn mower, chainsaw, garden shredder
  • Cleaning tools eg patio washer, pressure washer
  • Sprinkler
  • Outdoor cooking eg electric barbeque
  • Paddling pool filter
  • Entertainment eg music, patio heater
  • Christmas lights
  • Electric car


Outdoor Lights

If you decide to install an outdoor socket, it may also be worth considering outside lights if you don’t already have them.  These can be extremely useful in the late evening and during the long winter nights.

Outside lighting

Please get in touch to discuss your electrical plans for your outdoor space and I will provide you with a free no obligation quote.

Steven Wright, Capital City Electrical Services

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