CCES Guide to Solar Panel Installation

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Considering solar panels for your home but want to know more about the process? Our simple guide explains how Capital City Electrical Services get your solar panel installation up and running quickly and safely. We are a MCS certified company which is a mark of quality and competence.

Solar Panel Installation – Steps

  1. We arrange a visit to your property to carry out a free site survey. This is to check out your roof, find what direction it faces, how much space is available etc. We will then explain what set up is possible for your property.
  1. We provide you with a no obligation quote for the installation.
  1. Once the installation is given the go ahead, we arrange for scaffolding to be installed at your property.
  1. Once we have safe access to the roof we will begin the solar panel install. We connect the solar panels to the roof on long rails. The rails are bolted to brackets which are securely attached to the rafters in the roof. Specifically designed clips are used to mount the solar panels on the rails. This system allows the panels to be removed easily for roof maintenance etc.
  1. Electric cables attached at the back of each solar panel are then connected together to form a long string. This cable is then fed under the tiles ready to be connected to the inverter.
  1. While this is happening, the inverter is installed, usually in the loft or garage. The inverter is one of the most important pieces of equipment of the whole install because it converts the DC power from the solar panels to AC electricity. This is the electricity we can use in our home or send to the grid.
  1. The inverter will be connected to the grid input. This means that any AC electricity you don’t use will be exported to the grid to be used by other people.
  1. A battery can also be installed and connected to the inverter. The solar panel battery allows some of your generated electricity to be saved and used at night, to light your home or cook your dinner.
  1. The cable from the solar panels is connected to the inverter and another cable goes from the inverter to the fuse board in the property.
  1. Finally, we will test everything thoroughly to ensure that your full solar panel installation is operating correctly.
  Most of our solar panel installations can be completed in a day but larger jobs may take a little longer. Capital City Electrical Services is a leading solar panel installation company for homes and businesses in Edinburgh, Midlothian, East Lothian and West Lothian. To find out more, get in touch and we can discuss a free site survey
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