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Fast Data Sharing Capability

Whether you are at home or at work, the world that we live in today means we need fast, online access and data sharing capability.

We all want access to data and information immediately. In cities like Edinburgh where fast broadband fibre services are available, it makes sense to continue that speed throughout your home or business by installing modern data cabling. 

You may be paying for ‘superfast broadband’ but if the internal network of your premises does not support that, then you will not get the full benefits you are paying for. 

Our data cabling service will change the way you work and enjoy home entertainment.

Home entertainment data cabling
Data cabling for businesses

Data Cabling for Businesses

For any modern business today a high speed data network is essential.

Even small businesses will require their PCs to be networked so that data can be updated and shared by employees and every business now needs access to the internet for hundreds of reasons including:

  • Email – keeping in contact with customers and suppliers
  • Online ordering
  • Government websites such as Inland Revenue – even MOTs are submitted online
  • Research

Data Cabling for Homes

Any modern home must be able to cope with the demands of multiple devices operating across the household.

In a typical family home you may find you are using Wi-Fi for various reasons including: 

  • Browsing the internet
  • Email
  • Gaming
  • Streaming films
  • Downloading music
  • Interacting on social media
  • Working from home

In one home every room may have devices connecting to the internet e.g. mobile phones, PCs, laptops, tablets, TVs. You may also want to have access to your data from each room so that once you have downloaded some music, then everyone can access it from their own device. 

Implementing data cabling to each room will give you a much superior service than relying on Wi-Fi for everything.

A family home with multiple devices
Cat-5 data cabling

Our Network & Data Cabling Services Edinburgh

Ethernet CAT5e Data Cabling

CAT5e provides suitable bandwidth for the majority of small businesses and home installations.

CAT5e cable will support Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet.

Ethernet CAT6 Data Cabling

Cat6 is designed especially for high performance Gigabit use and is used in most commercial set-ups, however some home users are now demanding it so that they can fully enjoy media streaming such as watching HD films while other members of the family are gaming.

Fibre Optic Data Cabling

Fibre Optic is used where there is a need for large data transfers over a large network. It is not restricted by the cable length issue of using copper.

If you would like to improve your data sharing capability and performance, for your business or home, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Our electricians can install the appropriate type of data cabling efficiently and safely.  We have experience of working in both old and new buildings and will plan the installation to minimise any disruption to your staff. We can provide recommendations and options to meet your needs and budget along with a free no-obligation quote. 

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