A Guide to Edinburgh’s New Low Emission Zone (LEZ)

Sign for LEZ Edinburgh

In May 2022, a low emission zone (LEZ) for Edinburgh city centre was approved by the Scottish Parliament. Enforcement of the zone rules is due to commence on 1st June 2024. A low emission zone (sometimes known as a clean air zone) is an inner city area that restricts access to certain vehicles. This is done in a bid to reduce the levels of harmful air pollution and improve public health. Hopefully, this new measure will help achieve net zero emissions from transport across the city by 2030.

To be allowed to drive freely through Edinburgh’s LEZ, vehicles will need to meet specific emission standards. Since pure electric vehicles (EVs) have zero tailpipe emissions, they will have full access. Glasgow city centre was the first city in Scotland to introduce a LEZ. The first phase, introduced in 2018, covers local buses and the second phase for cars will be introduced in June 2023. In addition to Edinburgh, the Scottish Government has committed to the introduction of LEZs in Aberdeen and Dundee. With many cities across the rest of the UK also introducing LEZs the sale of electric vehicles (EVs) is predicted to rise sharply alongside high demand for Home and workplace EV charger installation.

How will the Edinburgh Low Emission Zone work?

  • The LEZ will operate 24/7 365 days a year
  • The zone has been in place since May 2022 but there is currently a ‘grace’ period
  • From 1st June 2024, penalty notices (fines) of £60 will be issued to vehicles that enter the LEZ but don’t comply with the minimum emission standards. They will be reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras will be used to identify vehicles which don’t meet the low emission zone laws
  • There will be some exemptions e.g. for motorcycles, mopeds, blue badge holders, emergency vehicles, military vehicles etc.


In addition, between now and June 2024, ANPR cameras and signage will be installed at the entry and exit points of the LEZ. The LEZ will include areas such as the West End, Queen Street and the New Town, Greenside, Abeyhill, the Meadows, the Pleasance and Tollcross. Some road junctions e.g. Tollcross and Morrison Street will be altered to allow traffic to avoid the LEZ. To learn more about Edinburgh’s LEZ, you can access information on Edinburgh Council’s website.


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