When It Comes to Electrical Work, Don’t DIY

DIY Electrician in Edinburgh

We are living in the age of the internet. You can find anything online and there is no end to the number of videos on You Tube explaining how to do jobs which you would normally employ a tradesman to do.

While it’s great to take matters into your own hands for some things, electrical installations and repairs should usually be completed by a qualified professional, otherwise, you could be risking your life and possibly the lives of others.

Many homeowners attempt to carry out smaller electrical jobs themselves, like installing light switches and wall lights. They feel these are easy jobs and not worth paying an electrician to do. They may be small, simple jobs for a qualified electrician but can be anything but for someone without the correct training. More often than not, these jobs are not done properly and prove more costly to the home owner when a qualified electrician has to rectify the problem.

Bigger tasks like rewiring should always be undertaken by an electrician. Electricians are trained to do the job safely without electrocuting themselves or leaving a potential fire hazard lurking in your walls.

So now you know you need to call an expert. How do you find one you can trust?


1. Ensure They Have Appropriate Qualifications & Accreditations

Electrician accreditations are essential for giving you assurance that the electrician you’re hiring is competent, trained, safe and carry out work to a recognised standard.

Some people feel embarrassed about checking qualifications of the person they are employing but if you are working with a tradesperson who is unwilling to show you evidence of their qualification and registration status this should set off alarm bells.

Capital City Electrical have been NIC EIC approved contractors since 2009. This means that you can be 100% assured of our professionalism and quality of service.

2. Ask About Previous Work Completed

This is the same for any work being carried out in your but is particularly true for electricians. If you’re having them carry out complete rewiring or bathroom work in your home you need to know that they’re able to do this task and have done so before.

If you are uncertain about an individual ask them to provide references of previous happy customers. Ask these referees to explain the work they had done and how satisfied they were with the job done.

Ask friends, family or work colleagues if they can recommend anyone. Previous projects, customers and clients can be an indication of the level and standard of workmanship.  When it comes to electrical work, you need as much assurance as possible.

3. Get Value for Money

Always get 2 or 3 quotes. You should not be overcharged and where possible a good electrician should give you a price upfront. Even if the job takes longer than they predicted you should not be charged for this.  Always bear in mind that the cheapest quote may not be the best deal – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Finally, don’t feel pressured to make a decision quickly. If an electrician makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason you should follow your gut instincts. Don’t hire them.

If you need an affordable, accredited electrician in Edinburgh, please get in touch or call us on 0131 202 9188 to discuss how we can help.

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